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Our Goals as Gamer Discretion Advised

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Gamer D.A. was build as an open discussion between older gamers. For the most part we all grew up with controllers in our hand, and that remains today. We really would like to build a community of like minded people who game when they can, and build opportunities for other games to find one another. An older game doesn't have to be 40, but someone with a maturity level, and respect for their fellow gamers. Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo, or even retro consoles are always a part of this discussion. I really would appreciate everyone to take a look around, and become a apart of this. The Podcast is only a small part of our vision for the future of all this. Youtube, and community interaction is key to making this grow. We really need your help to make this a thing. Make this your website with us. We are always listening, and willing to hear any feedback, positive or negative. The podcast Josh, Forrest and myself started is always looking to have others a part of. If you have something to bring to the table and discuss, we are always welcoming guests to join in. I want to thank the support of all those that have shown us your attention so far, and have made moves to push us forward. It is greatly appreciated, and we always sing your praises. The Blog posts will be a supplement to help us move forward and express the thoughts of Gamer D.A. Josh, Forrest and I thank you all for this chance. We will work hard to make this something fun, and inclusive. Thanks!

Mark Shreve II aka Clonetroopr1138

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